Criterion for Men’s Classic Physique Division

The Classic Physique Division is a revival of the original art of Men’s bodybuilding. With the focus on muscularity, symmetry, and presentation like Bodybuilding, there is also the emphasis of stage presence, flourish, and overall athleticism. The Classic Physique male will appear less defined and vascular, perhaps not as evenly muscled as a honed bodybuilder. There is less emphasis on cut and condition, and more on posing creatively. Realistically achievable mass, density, and shape are presented through quarter turns, mandatory poses and in a scored routine.

Quarter Turns: Face front and in the direction of the turn, feet should remain parallel.

Mandatory Poses:

  • Front Double Bicep: choice of leg position
  • Front Lat Spread: feet remain heels together, 45-degree angle
  • Abs and Legs
  • Side Chest: choice of leg
  • Side Triceps: choice of leg
  • Rear double Bicep: Spike one calf
  • Rear Lat Spread: Choice of leg position
  • Rear Victory Pose: Hands back to back, extended overhead, legs at a 45- degree flare
  • Side Chest: choice of leg
  • Side Triceps: choice of leg
  • Twisted back pose: Kneeling or standing, back or biceps
  • Front Choice of Most Muscular

Immediately following Pre-judging competition will perform a sixty-second posing routine to your choice of music, reinforcing graceful transitions and the flow of muscularity in a well-poised presentation.

An NGA Classic Bodybuilding Physique Pro Card will be awarded to the class winner (5 or more in the class).

An NGA Mr. Alabama Classic Bodybuilding Physique Medallion will be awarded to the highest placed Alabama resident.