Round Two- Two-Piece Suit Individual T -Walk

  • Contestants will be brought out again as a group. A two piece suit is required. Extra ornamentation is permissible and props are allowed. Exiting off stage, you will be re- introduced individually for “T-Walks”. Follow the stage directions given earlier, and stroll at a pace that will take up approximately: 60 seconds. You will be judged on Presentation/Poise. Judges are looking for confidence, grace and overall style. Charisma, inner beauty and appearance are taken into account. How you walk, carry yourself and “come across” is pertinent.
  • A final line-up may follow. Judges may ask to compare contestants for any final comparisons.
  • Each round is considered 50 percent of the total.
  • At the awards time, all ladies will come out for a final group stroll.
  • The final Top Five in each class will receive awards.
  • The Overall Division Winners may earn an invitational application to join our Elite NGA Pro Figure Division.