Quarter turns and stage walks

Bikini competitors wear an outfit that enhances their physique. Pay attention to style, fit, colors, a flattering suit that may be decorated and made to order for the ladies. Clear high heels.

Part One: Comparisons

The class is brought out and quarter turns are called. Present a confident stance, but not overly flexed. Arms and leg positions are at your discretion. Facings are from all four sides. Relaxed poses that show off your overall tone and condition are required. Officials may move you around for comparisons.

Part Two: Stage walk

All ladies stay in line at stage back. You will be called forward individually. Start at stage center. Pose, turn to the rear and pose, face front. Stroll to stage right, pose. Stroll to stage left and pose. Return to center for a final pose and return to the lineup. These poses are open to your style. We encourage taste and flare.

Classes for the Bikini Division are the discretion of the Promoter.