Round One –Quarter Turns and Mandatory Comparisons

Contestants will be brought out all at once and brought through quarter turns. Board shorts and no shirt are required. Oil should be light, if at all. Jewelry may be worn. No props are used.

Judges are scoring Shape/Symmetry and Tone/Condition and Athleticism. Keep smiling and listen to the calls. Shape includes how the muscle groups are developed, structure, balance, completeness. Symmetry is how they fit together, the harmony and proportion of the physique. Athleticism is the overall appearance, style, fitness level.

Round Two – Stage Stroll

Quarter turns are followed by a 60-second stage stroll and choice of three poses. All of these are executed with open palm and personal stance. Bodybuilding poses are not encouraged.

Athletes start in line stage back.
One at a time, walk to stage front /right. Strike a pose.
Stroll to stage center/Pose.
Continue to stage left/Pose.
Resume the line at stage back and shift right.
Remember to always present yourself, officials are consistently scoring.

The Physique Division permits creative poses for these body parts. The goal is for the athlete to present their shape and style as best they can, with polish and presentation playing a large part in overall placing. Front, side or rear are permissible. Routines can be performed to your music (bring a precut CD) or house music.