2018 NGA ‘Old Navy’ Natural ProAm Bodybuilding, Figure, Physique, and Bikini Classic – Super Pro Qualifier

Trussville (Birmingham), Alabama, June 30, 2018

Thirty-five outstanding men and women athletes came from Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Mississippi, Kentucky, Ohio, Texas and Alabama to vie for Sculptured Award Medallions and NGA Pro Cards at the 11th annual 2018 NGA ‘Old Navy’ Natural Bodybuilding, Figure, Physique and Bikini Classic – Super Pro Qualifier and the sixth annual NGA ‘Old Navy’ Natural Master Pro Bodybuilding Classic in Trussville (Birmingham), Alabama.

The athletes were pleased as we moved our show from Homewood to a new spectacular venue, the Trussville Civic Center, with its great stage, sound system and dramatic lighting, the pump up area, the back stage refreshments and their 2018 NGA “Old Navy” Classic sports bag with the official 2018 show t-shirt and a Snickers bar.

The contest started on time and ran smoothly. It was a “competitor’s show,” run by competitors who know what athletes want and need. Many of the competitors were repeat contestants from last year and many said they would like to come back next year for the 13th annual 2019 NGA ‘Old Navy’ Natural ProAm Classic on June 29, 2019. Others said they would encourage their competitor friends to join them on stage. As always, it was a fun show. And next year’s 12th Anniversary show will be our best one yet.

In addition to the NGA ‘Old Navy’ Open amateur show, five Master Pro bodybuilders, three Grand Master Pro bodybuilders, two Figure Master Pros, two Bikini Pros and three Master Pro Physique athletes were on stage to compete in the NGA ‘Old Navy’ Natural Master Pro Bodybuilding and Open Bikini Classic. Darryle Lee from Spring Hill, TN three-repeated his Men’s Master Pro Bodybuilding win from last year while NGA Pro, Paul Redmer from Acworth, GA repeated his 2017 Grand Master Pro title win. Brandon Cobia, from Hoover, AL, who won his Pro Card at the 2017 show, won his first Master Pro Physique title. The Figure Pro Masters class was won by Jacquelyn Rock, from Pensacola, FL, while Birmingham’s Zoey Anders captured the Open Pro Bikini title.

In the amateur competition, NGA Pro Card eligible classes needed five or more competitors entered for the Open Division and five or more competitors entered for the Masters Division. NGA Pro Cards were awarded to five athletes in this Super Pro Qualifier. Daniel Johnson from Cullman, AL captured the Men’s Physique Lightweight class and the Overall Men’s Physique title. Daniel Huitt from Montgomery, AL won the Men’s Physique Heavyweight class, Two Pro Cards were awarded in the Men’s Classic Bodybuilding Class. Kevin Taylor from Calera, AL and David Hood from Mt. Vernon, TX won the Men’s Classic Bodybuilding Physique class. The Open Bodybuilding Light Heavyweight Class and the Bodybuilding Overall title was won by Keven Taylor from Calera, AL.

For our 11th Anniversary Show, we continued offering the Mr. & Ms. Alabama title in every class. 12 Athletes won Mr. & Ms. NGA Natural Alabama titles.

2018 NGA ‘Old Navy’ Natural ProAm Classic Results

Masters Figure
Latonia Todd Bell, Pelham, AL, 1st

Open Figure
Ashley Tucker, Auburn, AL, 1st
Latonia Todd Bell, Pelham, AL, 2nd

Men’s Open Physique – Lightweight
Daniel Johnson, Cullman, AL, 1st, NGA Pro Card
Alex Soens, Birmingham, AL, 2nd
Louis Paleveda, Marietta, GA, 3rd
Joshua Anders, Birmingham, AL, 4th
Calvin Littlejohn, Birmingham, AL, 5th

Men’s Open Physique – Heavyweight
Daniel Huitt, Montgomery, AL, 1st, NGA Pro Card
Victor James, Birmingham, AL, 2nd
Dennis Neuber, Mt. Pleasant, TX, 3rd
John O. Wall, Jr., Birmingham, AL, 4th
John Jones, Allen, TX, 5th

Men’s Open Physique – Overall Champion
Daniel Johnson, Cullman, AL

Women’s Open Physique
Ashley Tucker, Auburn, AL, 1st

Men’s Open Classic Bodybuilding Physique
Kevin Taylor, Calera, AL, 1st, NGA Pro Card
David Hood, Mt. Vernon, TX, 2nd, NGA Pro Card
Terry James, Madison, AL, 3rd
John Jones, Allen, TX, 4th
Daniel Smith, Lucedale, MS, 5th
Chris Griffie, Piemont, AL, 6th

Women’s Masters and Open Bikini
Naoko, Beebe, Huntsville, AL, 1st
April Chambers, Biloxi, MS, 2nd

Open Men’s Bodybuilding Lightweight
Luke Murphy, Sylacauga, AL, 1st
Andrew Rosencrantz, Calera, AL, 2nd

Open Men’s Bodybuilding Middleweight
Terry James, Madison, AL, 1st
David Hood, Mr. Vernon, TX, 2nd
John Jones, Allen, TX, 3rd
Daniel Smith, Lucedale, MS, 4th

Open Men’s Bodybuilding Light Heavyweight
Keven Taylor, Calera, AL, 1st

Open Men’s Bodybuilding Heavyweight
Jayvian Cobb, Wilsonville, AL 1st

Men’s Open Overall Bodybuilding Champion
Keven Taylor, Calera, AL

Best Entertainer – Male
Terry James, Madison, AL, Bodybuilder

Best Entertainer – Female
Ashley Tucker, Auburn, AL, Figure and Women’s Physique

2018 NGA Mr. & Ms. Natural Alabama
Latonia Todd Bell, Pelham, AL, Masters Figure
Ashley Tucker, Auburn, AL, Figure Open, Women’s Open Physique
Daniel Johnson, Cullman, AL, Men’s Open Physique Lightweight
Daniel Huitt, Montgomery, AL, Men’s Open Physique Heavyweight
Kevin Taylor, Calera, AL, Open Classic Bodybuilding
Naoko Beebe, Huntsville, Open and Masters Bikini
Luke Murphy, Sylacauga, AL, Open Bodybuilding Lightweight
Terry James, Madison, AL, Middleweight
Kevin Taylor, Calera, AL, Light Heavyweight
Jayvian Cobb, Wilsonville, AL, Heavyweight

2018 NGA ‘Old Navy’ Natural Master Pro Bodybuilding Classic

Figure Master Pro
Jacquelyn Rock, Pensacola, FL, 1st
Cynthia Reffender, Smyrna, TN, 2nd

Men’s Master Pro Physique
Brandon Cobia, Hoover, AL, 1st
Tyrone Burroughs, Louisville, KY, 2nd
John Bibby, West Chester, OH, 3rd

Bikini Pro Masters
Lisa Johnson, Fairburn, GA, 1st

Bikini Open Pro
Zoey Anders, Birmingham, AL, 1st
Lisa Johnson, Fairburn, GA, 2nd

Men’s Grand Master Pro Bodybuilding
Paul Redmer, Acworth, GA, 1st
David Weinstock, Davie, FL, 2nd
Randell Pickering, Leeds, AL, 3rd

Men’s Master Pro Bodybuilding
Darryle Lee, Spring Hill, TN, 1st
Gary Hinton, Beaumont, TX, 2nd
Paul Redmer, Acworth, GA, 3rd
David Weinstock, Davie, FL, 4th
Nathan Eaton, Gulf Shores, AL, 5th

Contest Judges
Laura Tourtellot, Newmarket, NH – Head Judge
Brain Hamby, Birmingham, AL
Michael Jackson, Fultondale, AL
‘Coach’ Herb Cables, Columbus, GA
Will Lantrip, Chelsea, AL
Diane Hamby, Birmingham, AL

Master of Ceremonies
Scott “Old Navy” Hults, Trussville, AL

Ryan Kennedy, Trussville, AL

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Michael Jackson, Superior Printing, Fultondale, AL
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National Federation of Professional Trainers (NFPT)
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NGA ‘Old Navy’ Natural ProAm Classic
Scott “Old Navy” Hults, NGA Pro & NGA Chairman, Southeast U.S.
Michael Jackson, NGA, NPA, SNBF Bodybuilder, Personal Trainer, Fultondale, AL

A Presentation of BodyBuildingSenior, LLC, Birmingham, AL