The Look:

Physique participants should expect to be within the following physical parameters at time of competition:

  • A strong presentation of overall athleticism
  • Well-formed musculature throughout the entire body, in all areas
  • A comprehensive level of tone and conditioning
  • A feminine flare enhanced with hair, makeup, color, suit design and personal style accents
  • Presentation of shape and balance with mandatory and free style poses
    This look falls into line with the “not as big, hard or defined as a bodybuilder, more developed and balanced than a figure competitor.”

The Judges:

NGA judges will consist of experienced fitness, figure, beauty and performance professionals. A panel of five to seven impartial men and women will be scoring judges. High and low scores will be dropped and a placing system will be used. The head judge may be a scoring official. Ethical concerns are at the discretion of the NGA, the promoter and its’ officials.