Two-Piece Suit Group Comparisons and Stage Walk

  • Contestants will be brought out all at once and guided through comparisons in quarter turns. Two-piece suits are required, and vary in ornamentation. No thongs permitted. Light oil or sheen may be used. Jewelry and hairpieces may be worn. No props are used. Heels are mandatory.
  • Judges are scoring Shape/Symmetry and Tone/Condition. The judges may move you around. Keep smiling and listen to the calls. Body shape includes how the muscle groups are shaped, pleasing to the eye, balanced.
  • Symmetry is how they fit together, the harmony and proportion of the physique. The body structure should have an equal ratio of torso to leg length, shoulders to hips, etc. This also includes the equal development of upper to lower body groups. Lean to fat ratios and body type are viewed.
  • The judges will look for a fitness type of physique, which includes a level of overall muscle tone achieved through athletic endeavors but not a bodybuilding development style. The muscles should have a complete and firm appearance, indicating good condition. There should be muscle definition between major muscle groups, like Biceps and Triceps, but not excessive separation or cut. Muscle tone also means the absence of excessive fat and water with a sense of overall body hardness. Minimal vascularity is suggested.
  • Once quarter turn comparisons are complete, the group lines up at stage back. Individuals are then called out to perform a stage walk. Start stage center, stroll to stage right, pause, one pose, stroll to stage left, pause, one pose, back to center to a favorite pose, return to the line-up. This allows the officials to prejudge your stage presence and movement.
  • The final top five in each class will receive awards.
  • The Overall Division winner may earn an invitation to join our Elite NGA Pro Figure Division.